PMS takes precautionary measures

Coronavirus is dominating the news headlines and is currently the biggest issue facing our society and economy. At PMS, we have responded to the situation by taking appropriate safety precautions, which will be reviewed and adapted on an ongoing basis.

The health and wellbeing of all our staff, customers and suppliers is our number one priority.

As things have progressed rapidly over the last few days, an in-house team consisting of PMS managers and staff from the HSEQ department has been set up. Daily meetings are being held to monitor the latest situation and to ensure proportionate measures can be taken.

The aim behind the steps we are taking and the framework we are implementing is to stop the spread of coronavirus and to ensure we are at full operational readiness to give our customers and suppliers what they need in the immediate future.

They include measures for individual protection, preventive hygiene policies, guidance for responding in the event of suspected infection, business travel regulations, interactions with customers and suppliers, and broader communications strategies.

In order to better coordinate the situation within PMS and with our customers and suppliers, a central email account has been set up: corona @ will be used to gather all coronavirus information at PMS, and our customers and suppliers can use this address to ask any questions they may have. This will ensure a controlled information and communication flow both within our company and with external parties.


As an employer, we are taking responsibility and have implemented the following measures: