Young technicians wanted!

Our aim is to bring together talented young people, businesses, organisations and schools

The aim behind the PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre is to meet the region’s need for highly trained technicians and to offer an exciting future for talented youngsters looking to kickstart their professional careers – which in turn will help keep young people in the region. The PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre puts the region’s brightest young minds in contact with businesses, organisations and educational establishments.

Specialists who drive forward innovation and growth

Although this initiative significantly enhances the opportunities for training and professional development for talented young people, there’s more to it than that: combining academic training with attractive jobs and R&D creates the perfect environment for healthy economic development.

Automation and robotics are technologies which will be critical if entire industrial sectors are to remain competitive in future. The ultimate aim of the PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre project is to support local industrial firms and businesses – primarily when it comes to innovation, growth and developing specialist technicians – which will boost the economic development of the Lavanttal region.

Practical training and support for the region

To ensure the R&D at the PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre is as practice-oriented as possible, we address the latest issues and challenges faced by the region’s industrial firms and businesses. We focus on providing training in areas relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s industry, including questions which businesses often don’t have the time or resources to tackle.

In addition, our start-up projects boost the innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

Opportunities and initiatives at the PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre

“Extended Study”: PMS partners with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Since the 2019/20 winter semester, students in the Lavanttal region have had the opportunity (unique in Austria) to follow a programme called

“Extended Study”,

where engineering & IT students at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences can combine professional training with their studies.


Having begun with the bachelor’s degree in “Systems Engineering” , from the 2020/21 winter semester this model was extended to the“Mechanical Engineering” and “Industrial Engineering” courses.


The three bachelor’s degree courses will in future be offered on a rolling basis. 


Classes at PMS

PMS hosts selected classes on company premises.

Some classes are run in parallel at the Villach campus of the University of Applied Sciences and on the PMS premises or are livestreamed from the Villach campus.

Additional classes in Villach

On Saturdays, the Villach campus of the University of Applied Sciences hosts classes with regular students.

From autumn 2021: the Lavanttal Innovation Workshop

Our new Innovation Workshop gives students at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and regional businesses access to the knowledge of the university and PMS experts and allows them to develop their creative ideas and put them into practice.

The aim is to establish a powerful hub for innovation and technology management in the Lavanttal region. In future, the Innovation Workshop will be used to develop conceptual ideas, formulate business models and create prototypes for potential new solutions, with a focus on the electrical engineering, electronics and mechatronics sectors.

The facilities include state-of-the-art equipment for hosting and leading creative processes, and they also offer access to technology portals for researching, evaluating and analysing trend and patent data from university (and much more).

New in autumn 2021: Start-up Hubs to power innovation in the region

We have “Start-up Hubs” at our site in St. Stefan to exploit the potential for innovation in the region’s talented young people and to make the Lavanttal valley an attractive location for start-ups.

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences “Start-up Hub” is a service provided for new businesses looking to forge their own path. An experienced team including a large network of experts is on hand to offer personal coaching, constructive feedback and networking with specialists from the university and from PMS.

  • Training and coaching 
  • Network and community of experts 
  • Infrastructure for prototyping and coworking 

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more!

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Management and Business Development Division

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