Mechanical and systems engineering

We’re a versatile mechanical and systems engineering partner who can give our customers interdisciplinary value and the confidence to plan ahead. When various requirements come together, this team stands out with all-round expertise in mechanical and systems engineering, safety technology and R&D services. 

The combination of state-of-the-art design methods and high-quality services, guaranteed thanks to constant training and professional development, ensures we’re at the forefront when it comes to new technologies and offer maximum customer satisfaction.

Systems and process technology

To meet the demanding customer requirements, we offer inter-disciplinary systems and process engineering as well as comprehensive design and development services for machine and process systems:

  • Designing systems and process technology for partial or entire systems
  • Creating conceptual designs
  • Developing process flow charts and building/plant layouts
  • Basic engineering
  • Selecting and designing process instrumentation and adapting the EI&C interface
  • Creating media, instrumentation, equipment, valve and piping lists
  • Handling customer queries regarding incoming tests and implementing regulatory specifications (Machinery Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, GMP, FDA)
  • Producing functional descriptions
  • Detailed engineering and reviewing processes in 3D models
  • Commissioning
  • Industrial research into thermal energy systems

Mechanical engineering office

You’re in safe hands with our mechanical and systems engineering office, which under commercial law can offer the following range of services:

  • Comprehensive mechanical and systems engineering services
  • Machine safety
  • System and process safety
  • Creation of hazard analyses and risk assessments
  • Calculations and evidence for functional safety of machines and systems in accordance with ISO 13849 and/or IEC 61508
  • Adaptation of plans for fire and explosion protection
  • Support with approvals for operational facilities, including adaptation, in accordance with the industrial code
  • Evaluations and expert assessments
  • Recurring testing in accordance with section 82b of the industrial code
  • Testing of operational facilities
  • Emission, pollutant and noise measurements
  • Environmental analysis of exhaust and specific gases (tar and particulate measurements, analysis of permanent gas)
  • Conceptual development of robotic system automation

Research & development

Research and development are one of the main drivers in consolidating a business and in opening up new technical and commercial horizons. PMS is perfectly positioned to help industrial businesses exploit this potential with its R&D services, which encompass the following specialist fields:

  • Thermal process engineering technology
  • Systems and process safety technology and cybersecurity
  • Renewable energy and sustainable use of biomass

We also work closely alongside research institutes in these fields in Austria and around the world. These partnerships give us access to all the relevant expertise to deliver effective projects and give our customers state-of-the-art planning services. Plus, students can benefit from these close relationships when writing their bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Technical services:
  • Setting up test facilities for safety technology  
  • Characterising fuel and substance properties and determining their composition
  • Investigating thermal decomposition processes in defined gas atmospheres
  • Analysing water and waste water
  • Gas analysis technology

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Head of Electrical and Automation Engineering

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