Do you love electrical engineering?

Then you’ve come to exactly the right place!

Your talents and your commitment matter to us – let’s make the most of them!

At PMS, we think it’s important that young people can train in a work environment where they feel comfortable. Part of that comes from instructors who can see things from their perspective, take time to explain new concepts, and treat everyone honestly and respectfully. We open up outstanding professional opportunities and give our young apprentices a wide range of activities. Our aim is to demonstrate the potential future open to them, to encourage their professional development, and to give them all-round professional training which goes far beyond the job description. Our in-house apprentice training centre is a place where instructors and apprentices can come together to tackle new challenges and develop exciting solutions. We’re aware of our responsibility to guide and support our apprenticeships – they’re tomorrow’s experts.

We offer highly motivated young people the following apprenticeships where they can lay the foundations for their professional career by getting training and qualifications at a successful, innovative business.

  • Apprenticeships at PMS

    Your path to a successful future

Our aim is to:
  • Offer close support to our young apprentices throughout their apprenticeship
  • Pave the way for their successful future
  • Pass on our expertise to a new generation
  • Encourage them to perform to the best of their ability
  • Boost their motivation and commitment
  • Develop and strengthen their personality
  • Give them opportunities and prepare them to take the chances that will come their way
  • Turn them into the experts of the future

High-quality apprenticeships with:

  • Practical, on-site training
  • Theory and practice at our Technology Centre
  • Technical English
  • Training modules at a technical college
  • Opportunities to complete school leaving examinations
  • Personality training
  • A wide range of on-site activities to gain experience