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Our valve system products

Butterfly valves

Neles® butterfly valves with a metal seat were developed to optimise the efficiency of process sequences by offering the best valve capacity in their class. They offer long-lasting tightness and sector-leading valve reliability, with SIL 3 certification.

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Segment valves

Neles® segment valves are economical, high-performance valveswhich were developed to control the flow of liquids, gases, vapours and slurry – especially in large-scale applications where high capacities are required. The R-series are lightweight, low-torque control valves from 1" low-capacity models to 32".

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Globe valves

Neles® globe seat valves offer optimum control accuracy and a wide range of economical, high-performance applications. The standard units are equipped with linear actuators and low-pressure valve controls for accurate flow control, have an extended service life and offer online performance monitoring.

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Smart products

The key factors in successful, effective analysis of field device data are that they are readily available and easy to understand. Neles valve control systems support standardised technology and ensure diagnostic data are available and accessible, regardless of the control, safety or asset management system you use.

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Ball valves

Neles® ball valves meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry and the pulp and paper industry, and make processes safer and more efficient

Our technology uses tried-and-trusted designs, materials and coatings which make processes safer in highly demanding situations where you need to control which sections are shut off.

Neles ball valves feature the renowned Q-Trim technology, which reduces noise in control valves and prevents cavitation.

A wide range of product certifications covers various emissions, fire protection and SIL 3.

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Finetrol valves

Neles® Finetrol® eccentric rotary plug valves are designed to control the flow of liquids, gases, vapours and slurry in general and more demanding applications. Their excellent control performance and ability to handle impure fluids make Finetrol valves ideal for applications in the refining and petrochemical industry.

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The double-acting and spring return quarter-turn actuators from Neles are designed for both modulating control and on-off operation. These actuators have an extremely long service life and are suitable for almost all kinds of rotatory valves.

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Slurry valves

Reliable shut-off and isolation
Neles™ slurry valves are ideal for all shut-off applications that involve abrasive slurries, powders or granular substances.

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