Energy technology: giving you the edge over your competitors and boosting your energy efficiency and performance

When it comes to partial and all-round solutions for energy technology, we’re the experts for everything from project planning through to network analysis and medium-voltage protection testing. We use our many years of experience and concentrated technical expertise to deliver state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions.
Our focus is always on the individual needs of our customers and on helping them boost their performance and gain an edge over their competitors:
We pay attention to detail, and our customer service and support are second to none. We put our energies into making sure you work safely and efficiently.

In energy technology, we develop and implement successful solutions.

What we offer for energy technology

Project management and detailed planning for:

  • Medium and low-voltage networks, medium-voltage systems, transformers
  • Low-voltage main distribution systems
  • Project planning for low-voltage switchgear
    up to 6300A – Sivacon S8, Alpha 3200, Alpha Eco, Modan, X-Energy, Prisma
  • Short circuit and load flow calculations and selectivity analysis using NEPLAN

NEPLAN network analysis

Currently, we can calculate and analyse the following network parameters:

  • Thermal capacity of wires under load and in the event of a short circuit
  • Short circuit current ISC max and ISC min 1-3 pole
  • Medium and low-voltage selectivity analysis
  • Load flow
  • Short circuiting far from and in close proximity to generators
  • DC constants

Measure, test, analyse and evaluate with measurement systems

Our tan delta testing and diagnostic system is the definitive way to assess and evaluate the level of ageing in medium-voltage wiring.
Plus, partial discharge measurement allows weak points in the insulation and the fittings to be detected, located and analysed. The measured values are saved in a database, and comparison with the values measured in testing during commissioning or other recurring tests means you can assess the condition of the wiring section.

Voltage testing

  •     AC VLF 0.1 Hz up to 42 kV
  •     DC 60 kV

Medium-voltage protection technology

Protection testing:

OMICRON test systems are used to generate test sequences, allowing tests to be repeated at any time – a key part of recurring testing of protective equipment.

We can test and configure the parameters of protection relays from the following manufacturers: Woodward, Schneider, SEZ, ABB, NSE, SYMAP, SIPROTEC

We offer the following protection systems

Full motor protection
  • Thermal replica or filling level
  • Locked rotor protection
  • Overload protection
  • Motor start-up control and monitoring
  • Earth fault protection for stator and rotor
Dependent/independent maximum current time protection
  • Directed/undirected short circuit protection
  • Directed/undirected earth fault protection
  • Voltage and frequency protection
  • Vector shift
Differential protection
  • Line differential protection
  • Transformer differential protection
Delivery and assembly of
  • Air and gas-insulated medium-voltage systems up to 42 kV
  • Transformers
  • Busbar systems
  • Wire terminations and glands up to 40 kV
  • Equipment and final assembly for transformer cells
  • Upgrades to air-insulated switchgear cells
  • Manufacture and assembly of low-voltage switchgear up to 6300A – Sivacon S8, Alpha 3200, Alpha Eco, Modan, X-Energy, Prisma

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