The story behind our mission statement, vision and mission


2005 in St. Stefan, in the Lavanttal valley in Carinthia.

There’s a moral to our story, which is like a magical fairy tale but with two major differences: our success story is real, and its heroes are employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

From day one, we as employees have shaped our story. Chapter by chapter, our professionalism and dedication have guided us on our company’s voyage of discovery – and each new chapter has been an adventure requiring a great deal of courage.

To be among the best in the industry, you need will and determination. We have steered a bold course in order to achieve the new, ambitious goals we set ourselves, with a vision of our long-term future and always focused on quality and innovation – and our partners and customers have been with us every step of the way.

But the PMS success story has become more than just a Carinthian fairy tale. It’s now an international bestseller: not only are we active throughout Austria, we are a long-established presence in the international market too. Whether in the USA, the UK, Vietnam, Iran, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium or China, we have delivered successful solutions for our customers around the world.

Although we have impressed customers with our capabilities and the quality of our services, above all it’s thanks to our values that we have won the hearts of our companions on this journey.

Through openness, honesty and fairness we have created an atmosphere of mutual appreciation for colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers. And as we know, every really good story stirs the emotions.

We pass on our expertise and experience to new and young employees within the company to ensure continuity and a long-term outlook, and our approach has been vindicated with multiple awards.

We will continue to forge our path with the courage of our convictions. Now that we are a owner-managed company, our aim is to strengthen all areas we operate in as a regional innovation hub. And with the construction of one the newest switchgear manufacturing centres in Austria, we are using the challenges of digitalisation to our advantage – not just for ourselves, but for our employees, customers, partners and suppliers as well.

Together we will continue to write our story – a true success story. Chapter by chapter. Generation after generation.

The PMS staff

Forging a path together is our aim

As a PMS family, we’re proud of our strong team spirit, the loyalty to our company and our tireless commitment and dedication. These values will help us grow even closer together, and when we face difficult situations, they will show us the right path at all times!


For us, mutual appreciation means treating ourselves and others with respect, consideration, esteem and goodwill.For us, mutual appreciation means treating ourselves and others with respect, consideration, esteem and goodwill.


We treat every single person as an equal.

For us, that means treating others in the same way we treat ourselves: we take everyone seriously and give them the same respect we expect from them. At a human level, no one should think they are “better or worse than others”.


For us, fairness means acting with decency, propriety and integrity at all times.


Courage to shape the future.

We believe openness means being receptive and willing to embrace changes and new developments. New developments are an opportunity for us, and we tackle changes with relish and a positive, optimistic attitude.


We are straightforward and honest: a company you can trust.

We do not lie – we are direct and honest. We are clear about the aims we pursue. We do not intentionally mislead or manipulate others. We address issues directly. You can always rely on us to stick by our decisions.


At PMS, unity means feeling part of the family. We stick together, stand by each other, accept each other with all our strengths and weaknesses, and overcome the challenges of our work as a team. We share joy and good times, and we rally around each other when times get tough.


We have high levels of trust in each other.

For us, trust is the belief and expectation that everyone will act in good faith and with integrity. We trust that others will be truthful, honest and loyal. Ultimately, for us trust means being able to rely on others.



We have the courage to take decisions, and by doing so we take responsibility for every one of us.