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Apprenticeships at PMS

Our aim is to help young people passionate about learning professional skills and to guide them through the process of becoming solution-focused, independent and versatile specialist technicians. We open up outstanding professional opportunities and try to get you as passionate about our technology as we are.

Our in-house apprentice training centre at our workshop is a place where instructors, specialists and apprentices can come together to tackle new challenges, analyse fields of conflict and develop exciting solutions. We’re aware of our responsibility to guide and support our apprenticeships – they’re tomorrow’s experts.

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Discover PMS and our industry: studying at PMS

We offer a wide range of opportunities for students at PMS, including placements with variable hours, internships and a study & work programme, including theses, thanks to our partnership with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences:

  • If you’re looking to get your first relevant professional experience while you’re studying, we offer everything from limited-hours work to full-time employment. And if your course includes an obligatory internship, you will of course get the chance to complete one with us which suits your studies. See our Internships page for more information.
  • Completing a thesis based on real-world practice is another way to lay the foundations for your future professional career, whether that’s at PMS or somewhere else.
  • If you decide to study at our PMS Technology Centre, you can choose from the range of options for our tailored study & work programme. For more information, visit our PMS Technology Centre page or head straight to

Your internship at PMS

Whether you’re at school and looking to get your first insights into the everyday workings of our business, or at university and looking to deepen your knowledge in your specialist subject, we offer

  • Taster weeks
  • Holiday work
  • Obligatory internships
  • Voluntary internships

where you can watch our staff at work, gain unique experience and expand your practical knowledge.

Our highly trained specialist staff can give you exciting glimpses into the world of switch cabinet engineering, purchasing & logistics, IT and office work. It’s a unique opportunity for you to find out first hand what it means to work at PMS and visualise your potential professional field, while we give you the best possible support in developing your skills and talents.

Our internships are highly sought-after and places are limited, so we recommend that you send in your application until 15th of February.

Getting started with us as a graduate or young professional

We need staff who are up for the challenge of keeping PMS at the state of the art. So we’re looking for highly motivated and skilled experts, and that of course includes graduates and young professionals looking to jump straight into a forward-looking, dynamic working environment with a range of benefits. You can also expect comprehensive initial training, plenty of opportunities for professional development, a wide range of activities, and the chance to demonstrate your personal strengths.

We expect a lot – but we offer a lot too

Ambitious? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you demonstrate commitment and work hard, we’ll give you the chance to take on roles with more responsibility and will try give you opportunities in whichever direction you want to go. That doesn’t always mean climbing the ladder: moving left or right can sometimes be helpful, so if you discover that your real strength lies in a different field, you can switch from one department to another. And you aren’t tied to any one location – you can gain more experience at any of our locations in Austria.

If you like the sound of these challenges and you think you’d like to pursue your professional development in a way which also contributes to the success of our business, then:
Send us your application – we look forward to meeting you.

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New opportunities for experienced professionals

To be among the best in the industry, we don’t shy away from tackling challenges and developing new solutions. That requires skilled, qualified and committed staff – and at PMS, we put exactly those people at the heart of what we do every day:

  • With your unique strengths, you – just like all our staff – play your part in the success of our business.
  • Developing and promoting your personal talents matters to us.
  • Your expertise and your experience form a key part of the success story we’re writing.

Because we’re nowhere near finishing that story, we know the value of knowledge shared by experienced staff and transfer of know-how from one generation to the next.

Think you’re one of the best in the business and have the experience we need?
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