Wolfsberg coat of arms presented to PMS

PMS, a specialist in electrical and automation engineering based in St. Stefan and one of the area’s largest companies with 500 employees, was yesterday presented with the Wolfsberg coat of arms by mayor Hannes Primus in a ceremony as part of the “FORUM Wolfsberg”. The mayor presented the certificate of honour to PMS majority owner and Managing Director Franz Grünwald and his wife Herta.

PMS was founded by Franz Grünwald and Alfred Krobath in 2005 together with Styrian company Christof Holding, whose shares were taken over in their entirety by Grünwald and Krobath in 2017. In 2019 the business invested 11.5 million euros in new switch cabinet manufacturing facilities and training areas, as part of a project in partnership with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. PMS has twice won first prize in the “Austrian Leading Companies” award for the mid-tier business category. Grünwald has been majority owner of PMS since Krobath’s departure in summer 2021, with 20% of shares owned by Invest AG, an investment fund based in Upper Austria.

“PMS is a shining example of our local industry, and Wolfsberg can consider itself fortunate to have such a successful international business on its doorstep”, said mayor Primus at the presentation ceremony. “As well as investing in technology, PMS invests in education and training to safeguard vital jobs for young people in our region”, he continued. He also passed on his best wishes for the future to Grünwald and his team.