Training geared towards success

Twice a year the Fohnsdorf Training Centre (SZF) hosts a job fair, where companies from within the region and beyond can meet people looking for jobs in person. The aim is to work with these businesses to tackle unemployment, and the tailor-made solutions from the SZF have proved a highly effective strategy. One new example of best practice is the successful partnership with PMS Elektro- und Automationstechnik GmbH.

PMS was an exhibitor at the 2019 spring job fair. Otto Liebminger (Chief Coordinator of the SBZ job fairs), Uwe Rottensteiner and Rainer Veit (Electrical Engineering Instructor) were looking for the ideal solution to the skills shortage, and they found one. A visit of the site was arranged, followed by a meeting to get a detailed picture of which skills PMS needs. After a thorough screening process, six potential trainees, co-funded by the Austrian Public Employment Service, were found for the tailored PMS training programme. “What makes the SZF tailored training schemes stand out is without question the practical orientation. Training focused on developing skills for the specific professional requirements of the future means what they learn can be applied immediately!”, said Otto Liebminger.

In total, training to become a qualified electrical engineering assistant takes 16 weeks, including an internship at a future place of work and with the knowledge of having a full-time job once the qualifications have been obtained: a clear win-win situation for jobseekers and for the economy.

Instructor Rainer Veit was inspired by the palpable determination of everyone who took part: “They were very interested in what we were doing, and they got to grips with the subject matter very quickly. The women were particularly enthusiastic about electrical engineering!” Having obtained their qualifications, the trainees immediately joined the company. “We’re delighted with our new members of staff. They asked lots of questions, which shows how highly motivated they are. It’s hard to believe this is a second career for them!” said the PMS line manager.

A feedback session with the former trainees made clear that some of them had practically given up hope of finding a job. This unique training opportunity provided by the SZF was a chance which the six jobseekers gratefully accepted.

For PMS Managing Director Alfred Krobath, Workshop Manager Berndt Eberhard and Head of HR Doris Monsberger, one thing stood out: 
“The Fohnsdorf Training Centre has demonstrated that six people who trained in other professions can become highly skilled electrical engineers. Partnerships like these are hugely beneficial for everyone involved!”

Text and images: Verena Hinteregger