PMS wins 1st prize in “Austria’s Leading Companies” competition in the “Above 10 million euros national turnover” category

The newspaper “Die Presse” and its partners PwC and KSV1870 have presented the “Austria’s Leading Companies” awards to the country’s outstanding businesses for 21 years. On Monday, the best companies in Carinthia were presented with awards at the Casineum in the town of Velden, and we’re delighted that PMS won 1st place in the “Above 10 million euros turnover nationally” category!

Rather than being awarded by a jury, the prize is based on economic performance over the previous three years, which can be compared using key performance indicators. We grew our turnover by approximately 20% and hired around 50 new members of staff, and our turnover in 2018 was almost 55 million euros.
2018 was also when we took the decision to invest in digital manufacturing and the new switchgear manufacturing centre, and when we began our successful and pioneering partnership with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

We’re also thrilled than another of the evening’s winners comes from the Lavanttal valley: Mondi Frantschach GmbH, which won the “International Businesses” category. Piplan Industrieanlagen from Feistritz an der Drau took home 1st prize in the “Up to 10 million euros national turnover” category, and building management service provider P. Dussmann GmbH from Klagenfurt picked up the “Special Award”.

“Winning this award is the result of the success we have achieved together”, said the two Managing Directors Franz Grünwald and Alfred Krobath. “What we’ve achieved over the last few years is incredible. “We’re proud of our loyal, expert staff, and we’d like to thank every one of them for their hard work, dedication and team spirit!”