PMS switches to e-mobility

As a modern, dynamic and forward-thinking company, the PMS Group is committed to the highest quality, safety, environmental and energy efficiency standards. “Our environmental policy and our awareness of the responsibility we have as a business form the basis for achieving our goals and are helping us establish ourselves as a leader in electrical and automation technology, customer service and maintenance and as a high-quality business brand”, said Managing Directors Alfred Krobath and Franz Grünwald.

PMS is committed to using resources carefully, and we set great store by sustainably improving our environmental performance and energy efficiency over the long term. Our aim is to continuously reduce energy consumption and minimise the negative environmental impact of what we do. PMS is EMAS III certified, and won the 2015 prize for Environmental Management and the 2016 prize for Best Environmental Statement.

Following our motto of “For today and tomorrow”, we have recognised that all aspects of mobility are shifting towards electric power – and the logical conclusion is that we should switch to electric vehicles for the PMS fleet.  

By taking this decision, the PMS Group management team have once again demonstrated their forward-thinking approach to stay ahead of the game, this time when it comes to mobility. A Volkswagen e-Crafter has been in use since July – the first in Carinthia, reflecting our status as pioneers.  This vehicle is primarily used for in-house transportation at the Infineon worksite, making it easier for assembly technicians to transport materials on site.

We know e-mobility isn’t suitable for every situation. But if you look closely, there are more opportunities to use electric power than appear at first glance!

In 2018, we at PMS decided to switch our entire vehicle fleet over to Volkswagen, a decision which was great news for Porsche Wolfsberg. “We’re delighted to have gained a major new customer. We work well together business-to-business, and we also get on very well with each personally”, said Mario Hobel, Managing Director of Porsche Wolfsberg.

The e-Crafter isn’t the only electric vehicle used by PMS: staff have also had access to an electric Golf since early in the year, with the aim of giving them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to drive an electric vehicle. We want to encourage our staff to take the plunge and switch to electric power when buying a new car, whether for company or personal use.