PMS nominated for TRIGOS award

Last week PMS was nominated for both the26 2020 TRIGOS Carinthia award in the “Regional Value Creation” category (as one of 26 entries) and the 2020 TRIGOS Austria award (as one of 166 entries) by a national jury of experts.

TRIGOS is Austria’s most prestigious award for responsible business practices and was first presented in 2004. It recognises businesses which have taken on a leading role and served as a shining light for responsible business practices and sustainability, making a considerable contribution to the future of Austria’s economy, society and environment.

The jury’s evaluation criteria include the attitude, motivation and intention behind the engagement, transparency and accountability, relevance and effectiveness, level of innovation and future viability, involvement and strategic thinking, and the contribution made towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our project, the “PMS Lavanttal Technology Centre”, demonstrated conclusively to the jury that our company offers an exciting future for talented young people looking to kickstart their professional engineering careers. It represents part of a plan to stem the flow of young people away from the region and to reduce the negative impacts of this phenomenon, including an ageing population and declining attractiveness of the area as a place to work, which in turn will lead to more people moving away. So PMS is boosting the region’s development in the long term and building bridges between science, education and the economy.

We’re proud to be nominated for a TRIGOS award, and we look forward to the prizegiving ceremony for Carinthia on 25 August 2020 and for the announcement of the winner for the whole of Austria on 16 September 2020. Being nominated for this award is a clear sign of recognition and appreciation for our efforts to grow our business, address new issues and tackle new challenges whenever they arise. But we know that it is only possible thanks to the outstanding commitment, hard work and team spirit shown by every single one of our staff! So we’d like to take this opportunity to express our huge gratitude to all our employees.