PMS hosts EPLAN Experts Forum on Switch Cabinet Engineering

On 9 May 2017, EPLAN invited interested parties to an Experts Forum on Switch Cabinet Engineering held at the PMS site in Wolkersdorf.

The PMS Managing Directors joined Hubert Bodem, EPLAN Sales Manager South, in welcoming over 50 representatives from renowned businesses across Austria, including AVL List, Tubex, Andritz, M&R Automation, Mondi, R+S Group, Knapp Industry Solutions, Siemens AG, Dürr, Treibacher Industrie AG, Springer Maschinenfabrik and many more. The attendees took part in a workshop entitled “Switch cabinet manufacturing vs. Industry 4.0”, which gave them the opportunity to discover first hand the benefits of working with virtual prototypes.

PMS has worked with EPLAN’s Pro Panel software, a fast and effective way to produce 3D technical drawings, for over five years. Production at PMS also involves a Perforex machine, which enables automated machining of assembly panels and cabinets.In an in-depth talk on the subject of “Best practice – EPLAN in practical applications”, Andreas Schneider, Head of Engineering at PMS, detailed the PMS staff’s experience of working with Pro Panel from EPLAN and the Perforex machine, which he then illustrated by leading a tour of the facility.

Snacks were then provided, and participants had the chance to discuss their experiences and make new contacts in a convivial atmosphere as the successful event drew to a close.