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Learning to survive


Every year the “Verantwortung zeigen” network organises Engagement Days across Austria, involving a large number of projects and enthusiastic teams. A team from PMS has taken part for a number of years, carrying out a wide range of activities.

This year our PMS team, consisting of a number of senior managers and first-year apprentices, accompanied and supported young people from the “pro mente” charity in Wolfsberg and Völkermarkt as they experienced survival training led by the 25th Rifle Battalion of the Austrian Army.

The youngsters learned how to create shelter in the forest, light a fire and establish a clean water supply, which involved cutting branches with lots of leaves, gathering dry wood and putting together the components for water filters.

Both our team and the young people from “pro mente” were inspired by the expert guidance from the Army and the opportunity to get involved and have a go themselves. The survival training gave our staff a range of invaluable tips which could help in an emergency situation.

But there was another treat in store for the youngsters once they had finished the survival training: a hugely impressive display of the Army’s latest weaponry. That was followed by lunch, where everyone had the chance to discuss what they had experienced and learned.

There’s no doubt that the 2021 Engagement Day will remain long in the memory of the PMS staff who took part. Not only did they have to work hard – they also learned a lot of new skills, picked up valuable experience and came away with some wonderful memories.