Franz Grünwald and Alfred Krobath acquire Christof Holding AG’s 51% stake in PMS

PMS Managing Directors Franz Grünwald and Alfred Krobath have acquired Christof Holding AG’s 51% stake in PMS.

To be among the best in the industry, you need will and determination. We have steered a bold course in order to achieve the new, ambitious goals we set ourselves, with a vision of our long-term future and always focused on quality and innovation – and our customers, partners and suppliers have been with us every step of the way.

This paragraph is from our mission statement, and the acquisition of Christof Holding AG’s 51% stake in PMS by Franz Grünwald and Alfred Krobath is the latest example of how it guides our actions. We have written a new chapter in our company story: after intensive preparatory work and negotiations, PMS is now a fully separate and independent business. The acquisition agreement was signed on 23 June 2017, and closing took place on 19 July 2017.

“We can look back on a successful history with PMS, and over these 12 years we have achieved a lot together. Time never stands still, so we now see this as an opportunity for PMS to face the challenges of the market as an independent and powerful business. We will continue to pool our expertise and work with each other on various projects. We wish the two Managing Directors, Alfred Krobath and Franz Grünwald, all the best and every success for the future development of PMS, and we look forward to a positive working relationship”, said Johann Christof Sr and Stefan Christof in an official statement.

For you as a business partner, nothing will change: we will continue to meet all our commercial obligations with regard to our customers, suppliers and partners, and the legal details of PMS (VAT ID Number, Commercial Register Number etc.) remain unchanged We’re proud to be an Austrian company, and we will maintain our presence at our headquarters in the Lavanttal valley and at all our existing sites in Austria.

The only adjustments are to telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses, and we are also proud that as part of the acquisition the address for our headquarters will change from Wolkersdorf 46 to PMS-Strasse 1. This seamless transition will take place over the next few weeks. Please contact us if you would like us to send you our updated company information. PMS will remain the reliable partner we have always been – with the benefits of being a separate and fully independent business employing more than 300 people. The overriding aim for PMS staff is, and always will be, to deliver successful solutions that meet our customers’ requirements:

“Successful solutions for successful customers” – here and around the world, today and tomorrow.

Together we will continue to write our story. Thank you for your trust in us and our long-standing partnership, and we look forward to an exciting future.