Covid vaccination programme for PMS staff

On 26 May 2021 PMS became one of the first businesses in Carinthia to launch its vaccination programme, as 78 members of staff in St. Stefan received the Covid vaccine. More vaccination dates will follow.

“The health of our staff matters a lot to us. So every year we focus on different issues during the check-up we offer our staff, in consultation with Dr Katharina Memmer, our company doctorDuring the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re delighted that we were able to work together with the Economic Chamber and state authorities in Carinthia to offer the required vaccinations”, said Franz Grünwald, PMS Managing Director.

The internal requirements were determined by the HR team, and of course the vaccinations are voluntary! There was no hierarchy regarding who got the vaccine first: appointments were allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

There is a very strict procedure to follow when administering the Covid-19 vaccine, including keeping it at cold temperatures throughout. To facilitate this, the IT department provided a refrigerator with a temperature sensor which constantly transmits the temperatures to the network and triggers an alarm if they fall below or exceed the permitted range.

Other requirements which must be met to ensure a safe vaccination programme include provision of medical equipment in the event of a serious reaction to the vaccine, an area for all staff to spend 15 minutes following the vaccination under medical supervision, and of course the usual social distancing and hygiene rules we have followed since the pandemic began. All vaccinations must also be logged on electronic systems for the digital vaccination passport, which involves recording all vaccination data on a specially provided tablet so that these data can then be entered into the system for the Covid certificate. PMS staff will have the next opportunity to get vaccinated in the coming week.