Additional certifications completed

In late November 2021, various training and development programmes running for approximately two years were completed for mechanical and systems engineering. Specific certifications were also achieved, securing the basis for expansion of consultation and development services in customer projects. Focused training and professional development, reflected in the following technical certifications, show customers that PMS are the experts:

  • Certified functional safety specialist for process technology
  • Specialist explosion protection certification in accordance with Austrian standard ÖNORM Z2200
  • Certification of competence in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Control Order (DGÜW-V) for low hazard potential
  • Certification as a pharmaceutical engineer following pharmaceutical GMPs
  • Court-certified expertise in the following specialist areas:
    • 60.15 Instruments, devices for measuring
    • 60.30 Boilers, steam engines, steam turbines
    • 60.97 Technical and commercial evaluation of machines, systems, equipment, instruments 
    • 60.84 Gas equipment, heating equipment, furnaces
    • 60.96 Mechanical testing, functionality, compliance with standards, safety, defects contributing to accidents
    • 60.25 Other machines

Obtaining these certifications demonstrates that PMS is committed to meeting the implementation, testing and documentation requirements for system manufacturers and operators and will continue to intensify and expand our already successful range of services for customers. 

As part of an ongoing programme of training and optimisation, these preliminary certifications are just one stage in our mechanical and systems engineering specialists’ professional development, and continuous re-certification will ensure our staff have the highest level of training in accordance with the state of the art.